About Claire


This is Claire.


She has a bachelor's degree in Ecological Agriculture from the University of Vermont. She has worked as an organic farmer, a baker(many times over), an events planner, a nanny, a crew member at Trader Joe's, and more recently as a massage therapist and health coach. Claire believes that her diverse, interesting, and incredibly fun work history has deeply informed who she is and gives her a unique perspective in her approach to health and wellness now.

Claire moved to Maine from Northern California in May of 2018 where she spent the previous couple of years as the Oncology Massage Therapist in the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at Sutter Hospital in Sacramento. Claire also ran a private massage practice part time.

During her time in California Claire found time and time again that patients would ask about nutrition or movement or improving their sleep during their massages. While Claire was able to share her own anecdotal personal wellness story at times, she was left feeling like she really needed additional training to be able to offer more sound wellness resources and problem solving. So in January of 2018 Claire began a 12-month health coaching program through the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. During that time Claire delved more deeply into such topics as stress management, functional nutrition, hormonal balance, the inner workings of our immune systems, the power of food as medicine, the importance of social support and good sleep, among many other things.

Claire graduated from that 12 month program in January of 2019 and has been offering Functional Medicine Health Coaching in addition to massage services out of her studio at Freeport Wellness in Freeport, Maine. While Claire works with all individuals, she continues to find great joy in utilizing her specialized training and depth of experience in working with people navigating a cancer diagnosis.

Claire's massage training comes from Massage Therapy Institute in Davis, CA and Klose Training where she became certified in the Vodder Technique of Manual Lymphatic Drainage as well as Breast Rehabilitation. Additionally, Claire has been trained in many bodywork modalities including, scar tissue mobilization, swedish massage, deep tissue, oncology massage, acupressure, reflexology, and medical massage focusing on carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder, chronic pain, TMJ, lower back pain, and thoracic outlet syndrome.