There are many different kinds of massage. Below you will find the kinds of massage Claire offers as well as a description of each to help you decide which kind might be best for you. 

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Oncology Massage


This is Claire's specialty. Claire’s training in oncology massage is your peace of mind that if you have gone through or are currently undergoing cancer treatment you are in good hands, literally. Claire is trained to work safely with you at any point in your journey as you heal from cancer. Using techniques such as manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), acupressure, reflexology, swedish techniques, scar tissue mobilization, and deeper work when appropriate. This massage session meets you where you're at on any given day. This session is dynamic and infinitely adjustable to accommodate for things like ports, surgical scars, neuropathy, chronic pain, low white blood cell or platelet counts, inability to lie flat or on your stomach, etc. No matter what's going on Claire can find a way to bring you a relaxing session. Please don't hesitate to contact her with any questions or concerns.

Breast Reintegration Session
Breast reintegration is a great fit for post-lumpectomy or mastectomy clients or those having undergone breast reduction surgery or radiation treatment.


Time and time again post-surgical and post-radiation treatment breast cancer clients as well as breast reduction clients share that their “new” breasts don’t feel like a part of them yet. This relaxing body work session is meant to help integrate these new breasts back into the body, soothe any holding or guarding and help relax any lingering tension. This session includes: gentle rib cage movement, sternal work, gentle deep breathing, and neck/shoulder/rotator cuff work, as well as manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), scar tissue mobilization, and range of motion work if needed or desired.


This session focuses on the areas around the breasts, and does not include massage directly on the breasts themselves.


This is typically a full 60-minute session and is done with the client lying on their back. If you wish to book a 90-min session to include other body work just let Claire know. She is happy to accommodate modifications or additions to this session.

Relaxation/ Swedish/ Deep Tissue


This is Claire’s massage session for the average human. Claire takes her diverse training in medical massage, swedish, deep tissue, acupressure, and trigger point methods and melds them together to create a session catered to the individual. No two sessions are alike in order to meet the needs of our ever-changing dynamic bodies. At the beginning of each session Claire will check in with you about pain level, areas of tension, and any other “symptoms” you may be experiencing and she will create a massage experience to address what you need that day. If you have specific concerns or areas that need to be addressed just let Claire know and she will adjust her technique and pressure accordingly.