Functional Medicine Health Coaching

In Functional Medicine Health Coaching you are in the driver's seat.

Together you and Claire will work hand-in-hand to develop your own personalized health and wellness goals


at your own pace, on your terms 




So what happens in a health coaching session?



     During your time with Claire you'll:

  • take a look at the big picture of your life

  • identify any areas that need a little attention (nutrition, sleep, social support, movement, hydration, etc)

  • discuss any current goals or shifts you are hoping to make, any ailments or concerns you might have, and finally 

  • look at anything that you're already doing that feels great and helpful and on the right track



From there you and Claire will design together the most empowering, fun, fulfilling plan for you. And maybe the best part?

You are in the driver's seat the whole time


That means any shifts you'd like to make will happen on your terms, when you're feeling ready. And Claire will be beside you each step of the way to check in, troubleshoot, and help you find renewed motivation whenever you need it, because oftentimes a little support makes all the difference.

Maybe you want to lose 30 lbs

Maybe you want to get better sleep at night

Maybe you want to build better community

Maybe you need to implement some changes your doctor asked you to make but you just don't know where to start

Whatever it is you'd like to tackle Claire is here to help you design the plan that will work best for you.

You Ready? Contact Claire to schedule your first session

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